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Tassili – Algeria

Ein englischer Reisevortrag von Khalid Al-Jaber

Khalids dream to travel through Algeria startet in his childhood. He stole a book from his brother to read the mystery of the mountain range Tassili over the lights of a little blue torch under the bedsheet. The dream was frozen but alive until it woke up in 2021. No one thought of traveling in Algeria on a motorcycle during the lockdown period. Khalid decided to make his way to Algeria after it was considered as best destination for Adventure Travel. Today he says “Every country I have visited put a place in my heart, except Algeria that took a piece of my heart.”

Samstag, 28. Oktober 2023
19:30 Uhr
im Café Steinbruch
Lotharstr. 320, 47057 Duisburg

Tickets: 10:00 € + VVK Gebühren / Abendkasse: 12,00 €